We were delighted to welcome NHS England Chair, Lord David Prior to our Partnership Forum earlier this month, together with over 150 guests to talk about how we can engage more people in the work of our Integrated Care Partnerships.  Fuelled by afternoon tea (and the odd scone or two), there was plenty of lively debate, lots of new introductions made and a raft of ideas to think about.

As a partnership, we’ve worked hard to engage local people, through our citizen-engagement programme and through regular stakeholder events.  But with our emerging Integrated Care Partnerships the time was right to start thinking about how we can create new engagement channels and opportunities across these more local partnerships. 

With some funding from NHS England, and with a particular focus to build on existing engagement channels we decided to hold a large Partnership Forum.  Spreading the net wide, we invited a range of people including Non-executive Directors and Lay representatives, councillors and county councillors, and local Charity, Community and Voluntary organisation Trustees and Board members. 

As well as hearing from Lord Prior, delegates had the opportunity to learn more about our Integrated Care Partnerships from the lead directors, as well as some food for thought from CCG Lay Member, Jonathan Perkins and Non-executive Director at Ashford & St Peter’s, Keith Malcouronne.

The main part of the event was a table-top discussion where delegates were invited to share their ideas on how we can engage and communicate in a better way particularly around these local partnerships.  We heard lots of rich feedback and will be spending some time collating what was said and turning it into action.  Watch this space!

Lord Prior continued his afternoon with a visit to Epsom Hospital and a chat with the Epsom @Home team, a joined up team of different health and care professionals who work together to help keep people out of hospital and/or to get them back home again quickly.  Lord Prior was particularly impressed with his visit.