Clock is ticking on funding grant opportunity

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Time is running out to apply for grant funding from Surrey County Council’s GP Technology Enabling Care Service (TECS) Innovation Grant Fund.

In line with the ‘Innovation’ theme at the Surrey Heartlands Expo 2018 event, Surrey County Council and our CCG partners have issued a TECS (Technology Enabling Care Service (TECS) Innovation Grant Opportunity. But documents can only be requested until 16 April.

These grants are to fund the opportunity to deliver innovative technological solutions to vulnerable adults and carers in Surrey in the following areas:

  • Nutrition & Hydration: Proactive Management of Nutrition and Hydration to prevent dehydration, poor nutrition and consequences e.g. falls, infections
  • Wandering: Community support for people at risk of wandering, disorientation and mobilisation outside of what would be deemed normal waking hours who are at risk of becoming lost.
  • Being Active
    1. Engage in the community: Helping people who are on their own access their friends family and community – reducing social isolation, loneliness, and increasing activity and social interaction, creating communities of support
    2. Active in the home: Promoting independence and autonomy, improving confidence and quality of life for vulnerable adults, help manage potential risks in and around the home and helping with memory and recall with visual and audible reminders

For more information click here.

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