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Unique and ground-breaking plan to integrate health and social care

Unique among sustainability and transformation partnerships, Surrey Heartlands is on its way to being in direct control of all health commissioning as well as commissioning of social care and public health activity within its area.

This is because local and national health and care organisations have signed an agreement that sets out a roadmap towards devolution, outlining how partners will work together to improve the health outcomes of the 850,000 people living in Surrey Heartlands. It also means more local accountability for the spending of health and social care budgets.

New shadow working arrangements will be put in place this year, with a commitment by all partners to further explore the areas where devolution could make an important difference from April 2018.

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“Surrey Heartlands is embarking on a ground-breaking plan to integrate healthcare which will mean better joined up services in place of what has often been a fragmented system that passes people from pillar to post.”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England

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