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Allocating our transformation funding

Applying our investment framework to all opportunities

A major advantage of devolution is control of the £80 million of transformation funds that are allocated to Surrey Heartlands over the next five years – including £15 million in this financial year 2017/18.

£6 million is committed to national initiatives including diabetes (£1.8 million), primary care (£1.6 million), “Better Births” (£0.5 million) and urgent and emergency care (£0.5 million).

The remaining £9 million for this financial year will be allocated using our Investment Framework which has been developed in to align with the “Best Possible Value” approach. 

We have already committed £2 million of that to meet winter demands in Surrey Heartlands. Another £2 million is planned to be used to support transformation in Out of Hospital Care projects.

Investment example 1: GPs in A&E departments across Surrey Heartlands.

Designed to run to March 2018 to help meet winter pressures, this pilot programme puts a GP and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner into all three Surrey Heartlands hospitals to support their A&E departments. At a cost of £1,040,201, this development is expected to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Reduction in A&E attendances managed by A&Es
  • Reduction in the number of avoidable admissions
  • Reduced waiting times in A&Es
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Investment example 2: Maternity Transformation Lead Midwife appointment.

The Women and Children’s Services workstream has a target of transforming the current maternity provision in Surrey Heartlands into one Local Maternity System delivering a reduction in unwarranted variation in care quality and outcomes including service user experience.

It has been agreed to invest £106,000 over two years to fund a Strategic Midwifery Lead role which is essential for leading the transformation of Surrey Heartlands maternity services. This new and crucial role will also support Surrey Heartlands LMS in achieving sustainable, high quality physical and mental health care for women and children that is responsive to diverse local need and affordable.

Future Focused Finance is an NHS initiative to enable NHS finance professionals to influence decision making in support of high-quality patient services across the service. Its registered users can access a microsite called Best Possible Value (BPV) which is a repository of value-oriented tools, data sources and case studies. A case study on how we developed our Investment Framework has now been published on the BPV website.

Full details of our Investment Framework can be seen here. Investments will be evaluated in line with our evaluation strategy.