We have recently secured funding for two major estates projects in Weybridge and Banstead. This means we can work with borough councils, Surrey County Council and wider partners to develop a common masterplan for use of local space in those areas.

This latest work will be instrumental in providing key supporting evidence when submitting future bids to NHS England for capital funding in order to build new health facilities.

The funding for the Weybridge and Banstead projects was secured through the One Public Estate (OPE) programme  developed to make better use of public sector sites, free up space for new homes and create jobs.

The One Public Estate programme was launched in 2013. It encourages the emergency services, local councils and government departments to work more closely together by sharing sites and creating public-sector ‘hubs’ – where services are delivered in one place.

So far, the programme has saved taxpayers £24million in running costs, created 5,745 new jobs and released land for the development of 3,336 new homes.