Quality improvement work is already established in several organisations across Surrey Heartlands, according to a report from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

The IHI is working with Surrey Heartlands to develop a quality improvement system that will ensure the organisations within the partnership work together as a system to provide sustainable high quality health and care for citizens. This work is being facilitated by the Surrey Heartlands Academy.

The report follows a three day visit in June which included interviews with senior leaders, community members and providers from a range of social care and clinical settings.

It praised several areas across the partnership including:

  • Quality improvement skills are already in existence
  • Senior leaders are committed to a unified vision
  • There is an evolving governance structure
  • There is close working with patients and citizens
  • Many examples of collaboration across sectors.

It recommended areas for improvement:

  • Better co-design of health and care with patients, families and communities, utilising a multi-agency collaborative approach
  • Developing shared accountability for outcomes
  • Identifying specific populations to engage with to fully understand their needs
  • Developing a shared improvement method that incorporates all existing improvement approaches across the area
  • Developing a learning system that facilitates joint accountability, collaboration and improvement.

“Quality Improvement at a system level requires constancy of purpose, clear vision and the     development of capacity, capability and resilience, and the IHI are working in partnership with us to help us achieve this,” said Dr Mark Hamilton, Executive Clinical Director for the Surrey Heartlands Academy.

The Surrey Heartlands Academy is facilitating the interaction between the partnership and the IHI to make sure that ambition becomes a reality. The Academy is a virtual network supporting clinicians to adopt, share and evaluate innovation, research and best practice.