Following the release earlier this month of the new NHS Long Term Plan, Surrey Heartlands is working with other public sector partners to develop a 10-year strategic plan across Surrey.

The much-awaited national plan has been drawn up by those who know the NHS best, including 

frontline health and care staff, patient groups and other experts. And it aims to save almost half a million more lives with practical action on major killer conditions and investment in world class cutting edge treatments including genomic tests for every child with cancer.

The NHS Long Term Plan is also the first time in the NHS’ 70 year history when there will be a new guarantee that investment in primary, community and mental health care will grow faster than the growing overall NHS budget. This will fund a £4.5 billion new service model for the 21st century where health bodies come together to provide better, joined up care in partnership with local government.

Integrated health and care is a major theme running through the Plan, with the ambition that by 2021 all STPs (the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships that came into being in 2016) with become full Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to help deliver these ambitious programmes, and where we are name-checked as one of the two devolved health and care systems: 

“ICSs– including the devolved health and care systems in Greater Manchester and Surrey Heartlands – will also provide stronger foundations for working with local government and voluntary sector partners on the broader agenda of prevention and health inequalities.”

This work will be supported by expanded teams across groups of neighbouring GP practices who work together under the primary care network contract and with local NHS, social care and voluntary services, funded by the new investment guarantee for primary and community services.

You can read the Long-Term Plan (and summary) here.

In Surrey we are now working with our public sector partners to develop a 10 year plan that all partners can sign up to and that will help us deliver the wider NHS Plan ambitions, particularly around the wider determinants of health and reducing health inequalities.  A recent workshop (24th January) of partners, including the voluntary, community and faith sector, provided the opportunity for over 100 attendees to discuss the emerging priorities which have been based on wide stakeholder and public engagement over the past year.

Key themes include:

  • Enabling people in Surrey to lead healthier lives;
  • Enabling the emotional wellbeing of people in Surrey; and
  • Enabling people in Surrey to fulfil their potential.

The plan will be signed off by the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board in March and over the next few months we will be looking to engage widely on these plans with both citizens and staff.

Our next Stakeholder Reference Group meeting on Tuesday 5th March (2.30 – 4.30 pm at HG Wells Centre in Woking) will focus specifically on these emerging plans.  Please email us at if you would like to attend.