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Our priorities and progress

Working together, we have identified a number of key benefits and priorities:

In particular this will mean:

  • an additional £30 million invested in primary care services over the next five years, giving people more access to GP appointments between 8am and 8pm across seven days, and longer appointment times where necessary so doctors can spend more time treating patients
  • by 2021, new teams made up of family doctors, nurses, social care practitioners, psychologists and other specialists will mean more patients being seen in one place, with their needs met by health and care professionals working together.

More focus on disease prevention:

  • investing an additional £8 million in cancer services to support earlier diagnosis and increasing cancer survival rates;
  • investing an additional £3 million in mental health services making it easier for patients to access services.

You can read more about the specific clinical areas we have prioritised in our clinical workstreams and about how we’re carrying them out through our enabling workstreams.

Our progress

Each month we report our progress to the Surrey Heartlands Transformation Board, which includes senior representatives from all partner organisations, and you can read our monthly updates here: