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Clinical Workstreams

Following discussions with leading stakeholders (including clinicians) last year, the following clinical pathways were chosen as areas where Surrey Heartlands could make the most initial improvements in health and care services. These discussions included both national and local evidence of best practice and where Surrey Heartlands was an outlier against other service models. These clinical pathways will form the initial focus of the work of the Surrey Heartlands Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, and will be developed alongside a Surrey Heartlands Academy; ensuring that clinical best practice and evidenced-based research is at the forefront of pathway design.

Our workstreams are now mobilising and working towards developing delivery plans for 2017/18.

Cancer care

improving survival rates, early detection and long-term quality of life



 better detection and management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation


Mental health

prioritising early access to help and promoting resilience


Musculoskeletal services

empowering patients to manage their own health better


Out of hospital, primary care, urgent and emergency care workstream

boundaries between care settings will begin to “blur”



strengthening and implementing preventative interventions


Women’s and children’s services

 sustainable, high quality physical and mental health care for women and children