‘We can do more to improve patients’ experiences’

Working alongside each of the Surrey Heartlands clinical workstreams

The Five Year Forward View NHS future blueprint declares that a ‘radical upgrade in prevention’ is needed both to improve people’s lives and to achieve financial sustainability of the health and social care system.

The NHS in England spends more than £15.5 billion per annum treating illness which directly results from alcohol and tobacco consumption, obesity, hypertension, falls, and unhealthy levels of physical activity. Most of this treatment is avoidable.

Surrey Heartlands and the other 43 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) provide the NHS with an opportunity to work closely with local government and other local partners to build on existing local efforts and strengthen and implement preventative interventions that will close the local health and wellbeing gap, such as:

  • Providing targeted advice and integrated care to tackle excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Creating healthy environments in health and care settings to improve diets and keep people in work, and support action to reverse trends in childhood and adult obesity.
  • Intervening earlier and managing conditions better to keep people healthier for longer and reduce their care needs.

Some of the greatest improvements in health outcomes have resulted from addressing the causes of diseases rather than just treating their consequences. Focusing on primary prevention has the potential to yield significant savings over the medium and longer-term.

The vision for prevention in Surrey Heartlands places preventing ill health and disability at the heart of the health system.    We will drive a fundamental shift towards prevention and early intervention during the whole life. This will be through both the delivery of the prevention initiatives detailed within this workstream and by working alongside each of the clinical workstreams to map and deliver opportunities to intervene to improve and maintain people’s physical and mental health.