Empowering patients to manage their health better


We want to establish a single, evidence based, best practice treatment pathway for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions which focuses on empowering patients to self-care and on prevention to ensure clinical interventions are delivered at the right time in the right setting.

The pathway will drive a shift in culture for both our citizens and clinicians by empowering patients to manage their health better and reduce the need for clinical interventions in both community and hospital care. Because we are committed to the Surrey Heartlands citizen-led co-design communications and engagement initiative, patients and the public will be closely involved in developing these plans.

MSK services account for the largest treatment pathway spends in the each of the three Clinical Commissioning Group areas that make up Surrey Heartlands. In addition, the Surrey Heartlands area has higher than the national average number of hip fractures involving the neck of the femur bone.

This complex picture, and the ever increasing older population, is expected to result in more demand on current services if left unchecked.

Programme manager

The programme manager for musculoskeletal is Luke Burton from Surrey County Council.