Consistent and high quality standards

We are setting out to achieve sustainable, high quality physical and mental health care for women and children. It needs to be responsive to diverse local need. It needs to be affordable too.

We believe we can achieve this through better integration of care across our systems.  We will build on good local practice. We want to ensure we retain and build on a skilled and enthusiastic workforce. We will also focus on opportunities to keep services local and reducing unwarranted cost.

Our vision will harness solutions including preventative factors and self-management. A key early enabler to support this vision is developing one Surrey Heartlands clinical management structure across all our acute obstetrics services to remove organisational boundaries while still delivering services locally, shaped around need.  We have lots of good ideas but we are also committed to the Surrey Heartlands citizen-led co-design communications and engagement initiative.

Better Births

The Surrey Heartlands Women and Children’s Services workstream has been chosen by NHS England to be one of seven early adopters of the Better Births initiative. This is a great fit with Surrey Heartlands plans for the development of midwifery services.

There are currently three providers of midwifery services in Surrey Heartlands who deliver some 18,600 babies a year.

Surrey Heartlands’ plans include forming a new, single community midwifery team and a shared home birthing team to give women a range of choice across Surrey Heartland’s local maternity system; introducing a single point of access for women to make them aware of the choices available; and expanding the Maternity Advice Line so that it is available to all women in Surrey Heartlands and specifically to include women in early labour. Watch the video to hear from the clinicians and service users.