Surrey Heartlands invites its population to help co-design health and social care service improvements

Nationally recognised for its innovative approach, Surrey Heartlands offers its population the opportunity to co-design health and social care service improvements through Citizen-led Engagement and Communications

Effective and co-ordinated engagement, supported by robust communications, is vital to the success of the Surrey Heartlands project.  Given the scale of the challenge and change required, we want to put the citizen at the heart of what we do and embed a new citizen-led approach that forms the foundation of all our work across Surrey Heartlands.

We want to make sure residents, patients and staff have an opportunity to shape our plans and that we have a true understanding of what people feel is important

Research – understanding people’s priorities

Working with a representative cross-section of the Surrey Heartlands population to understand local residents’ informed priorities for health and social care planning

Broadening this approach by undertaking a wider statistically representative survey to reliably test our understanding of residents’ priorities, to inform the next stage of our planning

Creating an online panel of people across Surrey Heartlands we can regularly survey to ensure our changes continue to resonate with citizens

Co-design – working together to create solutions

Working with patients, local residents and staff to co-design solutions – particularly across our clinical workstreams

Wider communications and engagement

Supported by robust communications and wider engagement – that is open, honest and done in a timely way

Public consultation

Where there may be significant service change, we would carry out robust public consultation, drawing on the evidence gathered as part of our deliberative research and through our co-design process

You can see our current Plan on a Page below and you can interact with the communications and engagement team via