Is someone you know struggling? See if they are eligible for extra support

If you or someone you know seems to be struggling at home it could be time to find out if they can get the extra help they need. Or perhaps you or someone you know is looking after someone full-time and it’s beginning to have a major impact on all areas of life – health, relationships or work?

A visit to the Surrey County Council website is the way to see if there is eligibility for extra support.

There are two online checklists – one to assess the needs of an adult who is struggling, and a carer’s checklist for someone looking after an adult. These will take only ten minutes to complete. They can be completed for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

There is also an online financial assessment to check if there is likely to be a charge for social care support. This takes twenty minutes to complete and you’ll need a recent bank statement to hand. You’ll have the option of either keeping the details and results to yourself for information only – or registering fully and sharing with Surrey County Council Adult Social Care.

So visit today to check whether you could get some extra help.