The Surrey Care Record – a digital health and social care record sharing scheme for central and east Surrey went live this week.  This first phase will see some GP practices begin sharing electronic patient records with the A&E departments at St Peter’s, East Surrey, Epsom and Royal Surrey Hospitals.

In the weeks and months that follow, selected health and social care professionals will – for the first time in Surrey – develop shared access to records to improve care delivery.  Surrey Care Record will also reduce the need for people to repeat their medical history or social care information every time they deal with a new member of staff or new organisation.

An information campaign began three months ago, including the distribution of some 500,000 leaflets across the area, to ensure public awareness of the key elements of the project.

All information will be stored securely on a protected NHS IT system. Authorised professionals involved in an individual’s care must have a legitimate reason to access information and they will only be able to see the information needed to help with direct care.

In addition, people can opt out of having a Surrey Care Record if they choose. However, opting out will mean that health and social care professionals may not be able to access details about attention already received including current medications, allergies and any bad reactions to medicines. Records outside the Surrey Care Record will stay as they are now with information being shared by letter, email, fax or phone.

More information, including the answers to frequently asked questions, can be found online at  Otherwise, people can contact the Surrey Care Record via email at, by telephone on 0300 200 1018 or via text/SMS only at 07527 182861.

Surrey Care Record Chief Clinical Information Officer Dr Andrew Sharpe said: “All access to the Surrey Care Record is subject to review and approval to ensure all access remains appropriate and will support the direct care of individuals. Care professionals will also be trained to ask for consent at the point of care before viewing a patient’s Surrey Care Record, providing patients with a further opportunity to approve access.

“The Surrey Care Record brings the county into the digital 21st century. It means care will be able to flow between organisations and people will only have to tell their story once.”

This work also brings Surrey Heartlands into line with other areas working on shared care records. As a result we have been successful in a partnership bid with Thames Valley to start to look at how we can have an extended shared record that links with other healthcare providers across Surrey and the Thames Valley.

Thames Valley and Surrey will receive targeted investment to deliver integrated health and care services across the area. National capital funding of up to £7.5m will be made available for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

The Surrey Care Record is managed by East Surrey, Guildford & Waverley, North West Surrey and Surrey Downs NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, together with Surrey County Council.