Surrey Heartlands rated as advanced

//Surrey Heartlands rated as advanced

NHS England recently published its first progress report on STPs, in which we’re pleased to have been rated as ‘advanced’. 

This new ‘Progress Dashboard’ is the NHS’s first attempt at capturing a snapshot of the combined performance of the 44 STPs across the country, and provides headline ratings in four bandings:

  • Outstanding;
  • Advanced;
  • Making Progress;
  • Needs Most Improvement.

Surrey Heartlands Programme Director Sarah Parker said: “Working together across Surrey Heartlands gives us a real opportunity to tackle challenges we face in securing and delivering sustainable, high quality health and care services. Our rating as an advanced STP is positive indication of the work we have been doing and strength of our partnership and leadership. We remain focussed on maximising this opportunity to deliver tangible benefits in health and social care locally.”

According to NHS England, the dashboards are not a comment on the performance of STPs to date. Rather, they indicate the relative starting points on the road to better care, often driven by a range of historical factors that the NHS and local partners have struggled to resolve. STPs have only been in existence for a short time and these ratings are a baseline in order that progress can be tracked going forward.

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