Authors: Vanessa Harding Deputy Director of Transformation

Paper for: For Information/approval for publication

Since the last Transformation Board on 6 December 2017 the following is a summary of key actions or events:

1. Key work stream updates:

Highlight reports from each workstream are included in papers for today’s Transformation Board for noting. The papers also include a risk register of the key risks identified by the work streams. A workshop to review how Programme risks are identified, reviewed and reported is being arranged for next month with the Programme Managers. An update on this to Transformation Board will follow.

MSK – the MSK workstream’s progress has been on pause since the Programme Board in November 2017 due to communication from partners around the focus of the workstream. The programme has now been reviewed, and a plan is in place to move forward and will focus on gaining whole system engagement and support. An appendix paper is attached with further details.

Estates – visual maps of the Surrey Heartlands estate have been produced and data shared with the Estate leads for validation. A workshop for Estates leads was held on 15th December where leads agreed Estates strategy principles which will form the basis of our integrated strategy. We also started to define property assessment criteria and measures which will be worked up into a tool that we can use to analyse the Estate – we will start to test this methodology on one locality over the coming months.

Discussions are now taking place with GPs to explore how Surrey Heartlands can support retaining the ownership and management of practices within the partnership when GP partners wish to sell their practice.

The NHS Property Services workbook needs completing as soon as possible as it is required to support any capital bids. We are talking to our NHSPS advisor, Peter Lincoln, to understand how best to approach this and his role in supporting us.

Work is ongoing with Edge Health Ltd to model demand and capacity for imaging diagnostics across the Surrey Heartlands footprint to understand future demand and capacity, and to develop solutions. Data is currently being requested from providers to support the review.

Work is underway to commence a review of non-clinical support services across SH to identify opportunities for improvement at scale, including potential collaborative opportunities within pharmacy.

We have been asked by NHSE to form an STP Programme Board and to identify an SRO for Continuing Healthcare to drive improvement plans to meet Quality Premium Standards. Confirmation of the SRO is required by 26 January and the expectation is that the first Programme Board will meet in February.

2. Winter

Transformation funding has been agreed by local A&E delivery boards to support winter. A separate paper is attached with regards to the update on flu immunisation.

3. Clinical Academy Update:

Connected Care Assessment – Following the two workshops in December, we received positive feedback from NHS England’s Connected Care steering group for successfully piloting the Digital Maturity Assessment in a ‘real-world’ scenario. NHSE is keen to explore the opportunity to work with us to develop this further before rolling out nationally.

NHS RightCare Shared Decision Making collaborative – the Academy along with CVD and MSK workstreams and representatives from Surrey Downs CCG represented Surrey Heartlands at the inaugural NHS RightCare Shared Decision Making Learning Collaborative in London in December. A number of good practice case studies and tools were shared and contacts were made to help explore and build on opportunities to review the use of Shared Decision Making across organisations and clinical workstreams to help plan pathway redesign for MSK and CVD initially.

Expo 13 March – an update will be presented at Transformation Board.

Resourcing – Laura Strafford will start supporting the Knowledge Management Function of Academy 1 day/week. An advert for a Bid Writer will be published by the end of January.

Evaluation Strategy – the Evaluation Strategy has been signed off and will be published on the SH website this month.

4. System Plan Update

At December Transformation Board it was agreed that there would be value in a strategic alignment conversation between commissioners and providers. At their meeting on 3rd January, the Chief Executives discussed how these conversations will take place, and it was agreed that these conversations should take place in the first half of February and Karen Rodgers will lead on arranging times. A further update will be provided to Transformation Board in February.

5. Systems Leadership

It has been agreed that David Berg will visit again in March and will facilitate further workshops to support the Transformation Board, strategy leads, non-execs, finance leads, and Programme Managers.

We are working with the Kingsfund on the development of the Joint Committee and strategic commissioning function.

6. Citizen-led Communications and Engagement

Since the Board last met the communications and engagement team have delivered a number of achievements including:

  • Rich Stockley hosted a webinar in December with NHS England on our citizen-led approach to engagement which had good take-up from other systems. We have also been invited to give a keynote presentation at the LARIA (Local Area Research & Intelligence Association) conference in May 2018.
  • Our recruitment campaign with Healthwatch Surrey to find 7 Citizen Ambassadors for Surrey Heartlands is progressing; these unique posts will enable local people to ensure the views of patients, their carers and families are represented at all levels of any proposed changes. We hope to complete the recruitment in January.
  • Engagement expert Annie Laverty, Director of Patient Experience at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, will be joining us for a workshop/induction event with our new Citizen Ambassadors on 19 January.
  • We are involved with ongoing work with both NHS England and the King’s Fund as part of a national programme looking at best practice around engagement and will be part of a network with five other Accountable Care Systems (ACSs) all learning from each other.
  • The workstream has secured additional funding from the national ACS (Accountable Care System) team which will enable further investment in research, co-design and communication activities.
  • Supported presentations to both the Woking Joint Committee and the local CAB forum on Surrey Heartlands during December.

7. Supporting our system – update on key roles

HEE has confirmed funding for a full time Programme Manager for the workforce workstream, with interviews taking place this month.

8. Supporting our system – update on key events

Planning has commenced in Surrey Heartlands to celebrate the NHS 70th anniversary. Plans include a Choir Day on 5 July.

Surrey Heartlands Scrutiny Task Group met on 3 January and discussed priorities for additional funding, progress on Mental Health, plans for specialist acute provision. Also discussed were our plans for timely discharge into social care, as well as our plans for how

STPs leaders will engage more widely with carers. The task group will report back to the formal Scrutiny Board later this month.

9. Regional/National Context

ACS development day – Claire Fuller attended the development day earlier this month. Discussions centred on oversight and support, managing winter through systems, system evolution, population health management, budget and system planning. A Power point slide with further details from the meeting is attached.

10. Devolution (Integrated Commissioning) Update since last Board

Work continues with NHS England to refine the 2018/19 ‘asks’ – with a focus on the delegation of responsibilities regarding some aspects of primary care , some specialised services and some ‘section 7a’ public health functions. Specific progress includes: additional external capacity and expertise being sought to support the specialised commissioning case for change development; a workshop has been arranged on 12 February to discuss the commissioning of dental services; and an immunisations case for change is being codeveloped between leads from the County Council and from NHS England / Public Health England.

In addition, a draft MoU has been developed by Health Education England colleagues to describe how we will work differently and at its last meeting the Transformation Board discussed a ‘devolved’ approach to delivering the functions of the KSS Academic Health Science Network for Surrey Heartlands.

Our integrated commissioning Joint Committee is next due to meet on the 24 January 2018 when it will hold an all-day development workshop facilitated by the Kings Fund.