Transformation Board Meeting: 6th Sept 2017

Authors: Sarah Parker, Director of Transformation Claire Fuller, SRO Surrey Heartlands

Paper for: For Information

Since the last Transformation Board on 9th August 2017 the following is a summary of key actions or events:

  1. Programme Management Team and key workstream updates: Evaluating programme outcomes: How?

    Since the New Care Models Evaluation Team from NHS England local Surrey Heartlands Workshop in July each workstream has been developing logic models that identify and will show how we can evaluate programme outcomes. Support continues from both the New Care Models team and using Andy Cross, Public Health to ensure we are focussed on what outcomes we want to achieve and to evaluate our success. The Academy continues to play a key role in taking forward the application of this learning and logic models are on the agenda for the next forum supported by the NHSE team.

    Highlight reports from each workstream are included in papers for today’s Transformation Board and finalised logic models will be added to our public website when this launches later in Sept.

  2. Investment Framework: next steps

    Transformation Board on 9th August 2017 approved a Surrey Heartlands Investment Framework to agree the process to allocate transformation funding when devolved from NHSE. As planned we have shared this with NHSE on 16th August 2017. We are awaiting final sign of from Paul Bauman, NHSE, approval of our planned processes and agreement regarding release of the funding – anticipated end Sept 2017.

    Our next step, as outlined in the process is to “Decide on a prioritised investment opportunity (Business Case Outlined)”. For the first wave of funding and to prioritise spend before 31st March 2018 we propose requested completion of outline business cases (OBCs) by 20th September 2017 and

    discussion of the ‘long list’ including levels 1, 2 and 3 at Transformation Board on 4th October 2017.

    Prior to that date on-going work will be taken to communicate this across the partnership.

    It is anticipated that after managing the first tranche of requests which are already developed we will continue to use the process as agreed at Board in August for any new requests.

    In addition we are developing a road show for low value, high impact innovation that fits our priorities – watch this space

    If anyone has any queries in the meantime please contact member of the core team.

  3. Clinical Academy Update:

    The Sept Academy Clinical Forum will focus support to the clinical work streams in three topic areas; evaluation, carer involvement and a follow up on use of logic models. Concerning evaluation, we have commissioned Public Health Registrar to lead in the development of an evaluation strategy on behalf of the Academy. The aim is to provide a framework through which evaluation approaches to understand the impact of clinical transformation. With respect to carer involvement, we are keen to capitalise on engaging the Surrey Carers Network team to ensure needs of carers are built into planning for change of the way that care is delivered. Finally, following the success of the previous extended academy session in July, and linked to our engagement strategy, we are keen to understand how work stream leads have progressed in adopting logic models as a tool for achieving and evaluating success.

    Other key updates include that a Technology Navigator in post to support Innovation agenda in Surrey Heartlands and we are out to recruitment to the Executive Clinical Director post.

    In addition the core team have been liaising with the national leads at the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) who have offered us support.

  4. Systems Leadership Support

    • Dr Berg will running our 3 day Transformation Board system leadership sessions 12th-14th Sept. An outline agenda is:
      • Day 1 – who are we? Vision, identity, values, principles. Sense of place; individual vs organisation vs system alliance
      • Day 2 – conflict management and the art the consensus
      • Day 3 – systems culture and learning

        TB members to note that there will be a follow-up 2 days on 13th and 14th November 2017

    • Two teams from of Surrey Heartlands (UEC and digital/MSK) were accepted on the NHSI funded Transformational Change System Leadership events starting in September 2017. Additional system support programmes on Sustaining System Momentum have also just been announced by NHSI and details shared with our strategy leads and programme managers.
    • The NHSE Leadership Academy has announced the application process for the Yale Strategic System Leadership programme. Seeking a team of three senior leaders from STP footprints: x1 Strategic Clinical Lead, x1 strategic lead from another sector, x1 Strategic Management lead: looking at challenges facing the STP and working together. Applications by 9am 25th September 2017.


      TB are asked to agree the suggestion that interested individuals form a team and confirm this with Claire Fuller, as SRO by close of play 20th September 2017 to both advise and to complete the application endorsement section. If more than one ‘team’ emerges then the selection will be made by NHS Leadership Academy selection process.

  5. Communications

    Since the Board last meet the core team have focused on refreshing our public communications (website; newsletters; twitter and blogs). Our aim from Sept 2017 is that:

    • This Programme Update paper has sufficient information to be useful and used by member organisations as briefings across the system
    • Our Surrey Heartlands Website will go live on 22nd September 2017 (soft launch) with feedback actively sought
    • We are reviewing how we use social media to better effect to communicate our intent, successes and promote wider engagement – for example ‘talking head’ interviews on our website to explain core elements such as our clinical academy and devolution; blogs from the SRO; twitter; newsletters; updates from workstreams
  6. Supporting our system – update on key roles

    • Recruitment/secondment for the Executive Clinical Director is underway; with interviews scheduled for 15th September 2017. The post incudes being the executive lead for the Clinical Academy, reporting to the SRO; for two days per week.
    • Clinical Chief Information Officer – recruitment has just commenced for this role to provide additional system-wide clinical leadership to our digital

      workstream. The role is expected to be one day per week. Interviews are expected to be held on 27th Sept 2017.

    • Clare Steward started in role as Programme Director for Out of Hospital & Urgent Emergency care Systems development on 29th August 2017. Clare is supporting the Executive sponsors and strategic leads of this workstream.
    • Alex Stoddard started as Programme Manager supporting Estates and Back Office workstreams
    • Technology Navigator from KSS AHSN, now in post to support Innovation agenda in Surrey Heartlands
    • Karen Rodgers joined the core team as our Head of Business Support from 4th Sept 2017
  7. Supporting our system – update on key events

    • 4th Sept 2017 – our Surrey Heartlands Strategy Leads meeting has been opened to lead commissioners and programme managers in a workshop style with 4 key topics to explore this month – our Investment Framework; Surrey Heartlands logic model and dashboard; a System planning approach; developing a Surrey Heartlands clinical evaluation strategy
    • 6th September 2017 – Surrey Heartlands Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC), Primary Care (PC) and Out Of Hospital Care (OOH) workshop
    • 18th October 2017 – next Surrey Heartlands Stakeholder event (still tbc but one key topic will be a focus on unwarranted variation and an update regarding the Cancer Alliance/our cancer workstream)
  8. Supporting or system – key requests to Transformation Board

    • Estates – paper on Agenda for Board indicating challenges getting information to complete full review
    • Back Office – paper on Agenda for Board. TB members requested to nominate senior system leaders from each of their organisation into the key workstreams an engage with the work TB agreed for Ernst and Young to undertake across our system
  9. Capital Bids

    NHSE requested confirmation/re-submission of unsuccessful wave 1 capital bids by 1st Sept 2017 (previous submission May 2017). This excludes our 2 digital bids being considered separately. Due to the fire destroying Weybridge Community Hospital on bid has been withdrawn. Transformation Board member to note: We resubmitted a bid regarding refurbishment of place of safety for mental health crisis.

    Workstream and Surrey Heartlands Partners are ask to continue to work up capital investment cases based on workstream priorities ahead of future capital funding opportunities.

  10. Devolution (Integrated Commissioning) Update since last Board

    Work continues to refine the 2018/19 ‘asks’ and implementing the agreed governance arrangements which includes the Joint Committee.

    4th October will be the first Joint Committee which will be informal focussing on set up, arrangements and timescale.

  11. Accountable Care Systems – update

Karen Breen, New Care Models Programme Deputy Director/ Operational Lead, will be supporting us from NHS England as our National System Sponsor from Sept.